Liken - Daniel and the Lions (DVD)

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When his parents go on a trip, 6-year-old Devin (introducing Isaiah Smith) is too sad to say his prayers. To help him understand the importance of praying,
Devin's grandpa (Frank Gerrish) tells him the story of DANIEL AND THE LIONS (Daniel chapter 6).

The whole family will enjoy this musical journey into Devin's imagination as he brings to life the powerful story of Daniel (Casey Eliot) and a trio of villains (Matthew Bellows, Jeff Stevens and Matt Dobson) who do everything they can to get rid of him. When they
convince King Darius (George Dyer) to sign a decree that would put anyone who prays into a den of lions, an undaunted Daniel continues to pray not once-but three times a day. Get ready to meet the mighty Rex and six very hungry lions (led by none other than Daniel Beck himself who are starving for a bite to eat. Rediscover this treasured story from the LIKEN BIBLE SERIES, packed full of fun and uplifting original songs by Aaron Edson