Promises of the Constitution

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Promises of the Constitution unfolds the fascinating story of how God directed the building of America and inspired those who wrote this brilliant instrument of liberty. It explains the Constitution's simplicity and genius, identifies its enemies and suggests remedies.

The perfect book to read yourself or with your family, Promises of the Constitution is written in 1 1/2 page vignettes you can easily read in 5 minutes. You will quickly learn the ingenious principles of the Constitution and changes made by the dishonorable for their self-serving purposes. It explains current events that affect our liberty and provides workable solutions.

Find answers to:

  • What is the president really supposed to do?
  • What about separation of church and state?
  • What is inflation and what causes it?
  • Who is destroying the Constitution?
  • Were the Founders honorable men or rogues?
  • Why did we really win Revolutionary War?
  • ….and much, much more!