Seminar 2: The Founder’s Charter of Freedom

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Nobody seems to talk much anymore about the Constitution as the measuring stick for proposed legislation. When they do mention the Constitution, do you find yourself wishing you knew more about that inspired document?

Don’t fall for those giving mere lip service to the Constitution. Join with us as we discover the freedom formula embedded in the provisions and clauses of the Constitution. As you participate in Seminar 2 of the Healing of America series, you will study the entire Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers.

Participants will see that every provision of the Constitution was based upon the Founders’ understanding of righteousness and timeless principles. It will become evident that the Constitution—as written and as intended by its Founders—is as appropriate and relevant today as it was when first implemented. The Constitution is a timeless document because it is based on human nature which doesn’t change. Correctly practiced, it produces a truly free people who are able to achieve that which all mankind is seeking: FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, and PEACE.

Finally, you will see how our pattern of abandoning the Constitution as our standard for new legislation has opened the door to dangerous emotionalism and corrupting private interests. What you learn in this seminar will enable you to understand and defend the Constitution as you probably never have before—and you’ll be ready for the critically important topics that will be covered in seminar 3.